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Price City offers 3 categories of Community Walks

Sun Advocate publisher

The community walk program is now going on its fifth year in Price City, but this spring some new walks are being set up.

The Community Walks 2012 organizers now offer three categories from May 30 to Sept. 5.

The first category is competition. In this walk, participants work in teams. The teams will consist of three individuals who will race to the finish line in all nine walks that are held in May, June, July, August and early September. Winning the race to the line is not all there is. It will also include weight loss and step counting. The weigh-in to qualify for the walks was on May 30 at the Jeff Manley Wellness Center on the Castleview Hospital campus. The final weigh-in will be on Sept.5.

Prizes for this category are $450 for individual participants and $1,000 for teams.

The Traditional walk will also take place this year. Participants need to get their cards stamped each time they walk and they can earn prizes as they go. Registration and rules for this walk can be obtained at the Price City Hall, the Wellness Center or at the Southeastern Utah Health Department.

This year a Guided Historical Walk series will also be featured. These tours will take walkers to various places in town where experts will tell participants about the history of a spot, building or event. The dates for these are not completely scheduled yet, but individuals can find out more by calling Shari Madrid at 636-3161.

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