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State to offer bounty on coyotes

A new effort is underway to help mule deer in Utah.

The effort is called the Predator-Control Incentive program. The program has one goal: To reduce and control the number of coyotes in areas in Utah that are inhabited by mule deer.

And you can help: Participants in the new program will receive $50 for each coyote that is submitted according to the rules of the program.

The incentive program is part of the Mule Deer Protection Act. As soon as the Utah Legislature passed the act during its 2012 legislative session, Division of Wildlife Resources offices were flooded with questions from coyote hunters who wanted to know more.

Since the session ended, John Shivik, mammals coordinator for the DWR, says the DWR and the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food have worked closely together to craft the program. "We're to the point now that we're ready to share the program with the public," Shivik says.

If you're interested in helping the deer herds and making some money, you can learn more about the program one of two ways:

Read a fact sheet that explains the program. Starting May 21, the sheet will be available at

Attend one of three open houses that will be held during the last week in May. "At the open houses," Shivik says, "various displays will be available that will walk you through how the program works."

An open house will be held in the Price DWR Office, 319 N. Carbonville Rd., Suite 3A, on May 30 from 6:30 to 8 p.m.


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