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Letters to the Editor, D-in judical accountability

By Ed and Mary Reott

n gave Utah a D- in judicial accountability and our case is surely the poster child.

We spent 10 years in the courts and all of our resources fighting for our property rights. The laws and regulations wrere all in our favor but the courts gave our property to an interloper who was not in the "chain of title."

He then sold it for big bucks to a large "well funded" corporation. Neither of them spent their own money or loast any sleep but we as a "mom and pop" operation did.

We held recorded title but it didn't matter. Companies operating agreements don't matter either.

The higher courts apparently found the 10 years of paper too big a task to deal with and ignored us. Dangerous precedents have been set with the rulings in our case and those rulings should be a clear warning not to invest in Utah.

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