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Buried irrigation pipeline a problem for Carbonville

Larry Taylor and Deward Howa tell commissioners about the irrigation pipe problems.

Sun Advocate associate editor

The Carbonville Road enhancement project has fulfilled all promises but one, according to some residents along the road.

It seems the widening and repaving of the highway, relocation of power lines and new curb and gutter have improved public safety but have impaired the flow of irrigation water.

Deward Howa and Larry Taylor, two residents affected by the interrupted flow, told county commissioners Wednesday that by enclosing an open ditch in a pipeline and burying it, it is now not feasible for them to maintain their water supply. They want the county to fix the problem.

However, commission attorney Christian Bryner said that the county did not assume ownership of the ditch or the water even though the county installed the ditch.

"We feel you've done no maintenance," stated Commissioner John Jones.

"If it's my ditch, how do I maintain it if it's under your sidewalk?" responded Howa.

Howa and Taylor contended that the pipe has been poorly installed and is now breaking down from pressure surges and traffic driving overhead.

They further said that they have been told by the Utah Department District Four that Carbon County owns the road project. There was no money exchanged for the 15 foot easement residents gave for the highway improvements.

The commission will send the county engineer to assess the situation

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