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Support for 'No Grave Unadorned' grows

Colton Jones carries a bucketful of flowers, some of the latest turned into the Sun Advocate offices for No Grave Unadorned.

The Carbon-Emery community is putting hands to work to make sure that every grave in the two-county area will be decorated for Memorial Day.

Support for the flower project has come from schools at all grade levels, the college, and civic-minded individuals and groups.

The latest count, estimated at 20,000, measures the number of flowers that have been delivered to the Sun Advocate offices. Material for thousands more have been distributed.

Flowers continue to flow in as others pick up their supplies to make more flowers for all the graves in the two county area.

The "No Grave Unadorned" project grew from an idea by Sun Advocate publisher Richard Shaw, who was looking for a way to demonstrate the community's respect for those who fought and died in wars and those who worked and struggled to build the community. It is a unique project, unlike any other in celebration of Memorial Day anywhere in the United States.

In addition to making the flowers, the newspapers are also looking for volunteers to help place them on graves.

For more information call Malyn Brady at 435 637-0732.

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