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Civic Orchestra 'rocks the Bach' (and friends)

Russell Wilson conducts the Price Civic Orchestra in its benefit concert for Active ReEntry Saturday night.

Sun Advocate reporter

The Price Civic Orchestra showed off their diversity this weekend by delivering some popular numbers during a spring concert at Helper's Rio Theatre. In addition to providing some Saturday evening culture, the showcase doubled as a fund raising opportunity for Active Re-Entry to replace a trailer that was stolen last month.

"I am stunned by everyone's generosity," said Active Re-Entry Administrator Nancy Bentley, who took donations at the door. "There was no charge for the concert, so every bit of the money we raised was given to us and that means a lot."

The concert brought in $382. "As upsetting as the situation was with the theft, it is so great to have the community come together and support us," said Bentley.

The show was a rousing success, as those within the orchestra reported that the stage and atmosphere at the Rio made the group sound very large and full throughout the show. Additionally, a good turnout provided strong interaction between the audience and orchestra as popular numbers by J. S. Bach, Mozart and other composers drew those listening in.

The evening's final number, "Hoe-Down" by Aaron Copland, produced a standing ovation with its upbeat tempo and rousing crescendo.

"This one is just for fun," said director Russell Wilson, before launching into the Copland piece.

When the 30 minute set concluded, many in the crowd could be heard asking for more on several counts. Not only was the orchestra in demand but those in attendance were highly impressed with the Rio.

The theater's benefactors have continually upgraded the facility, making it an intimate and comfortable venue suitable for any number of performances. Most recently, the installation of new seating made a noticeable difference with the audience.

"We are proud of this facility," said Morgan Lund of Helper's Other Side Players. "And as funds allow we will continue to improve it."

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