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Agricultural career opportunities abound

A career in agriculture can prove richly rewarding. While it's common to envision overalls and tractors when imagining careers in agriculture, the opportunities to work in the agriculture industry stretch beyond the farm and into the corporate world.

• Business: Agriculture is big business for those who want to pursue a career in business. Farmers and producers of agricultural products need someone to draft contracts for their agreements with the large corporations who distribute those products. In addition, purchasing agents and agricultural financiers are just two of the many career opportunities that enable you to work on the business side of agriculture.

• Social service: In addition to food inspector, who ensures agricultural products are safe for human consumption, social service positions within the agricultural industry include environmental consultant and conservation officer. You can also work to develop programs that encourage youngsters to pursue agricultural careers.

• Production: Of course, the agricultural industry has a host of careers for those who want to get their hands dirty. Farms need to be plowed, seeds must be planted and fertilized and farms need to be well-maintained to continue operating efficiently and effectively. Though technology has taken the place of many agricultural production positions for those who want to work under the sun.

• Education: Those who want to share their love of agriculture with others can work in the classroom. Agricultural instructors can train the next generation of agriculture professionals at the university or high school level, ensuring today's farms are left in good hands tomorrow.

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