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Who makes decisions?- Letters to the editor

By Patty Lemon


I listened with great interest on the news a few weeks ago and also read with interest an opinion column that Richard Shaw wrote about Carbon County being the "most unhealthy" place to live in the state.

I don't know who makes the decisions about what businesses can come to this town, but my question is why can't they take the China City building which has been empty for several years and turn it into a mini-Chuck-A-Rama. Or what about turning the empty Sonic building into a huge salad bar. Or maybe the old Maurice's building back into a Golden Corral or a Sizzler?

Maybe that way the great citizens of Carbon County could eat healthier and not have to go to Provo to do it. That way the money would also stay here.

I am by no means bashing any fine dining establishments like Anthony J's or The Silver Steak House. I have heard the food is superb, but a lot of people like myself are on limited, fixed incomes and cannot afford to eat at those places.

I just hate to see all these empty buildings and not have someone try to utilize them and offer some healthy choices.

If I have offended anyone in the food industry, I truly had no intentions of doing so. But in order to keep the money here we need more choices and those restaurants mentioned earlier in this letter would be a good place to start. Patty Lemon Price

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