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Request for Proposal for Audit

    The Carbon Water Conservancy District invites qualified auditors
having sufficient governmental accounting and auditing experience in
performing an audit to submit a proposal. Specifications are outlined
in a Request for Proposal Document that is available upon request by
calling Sandy Lehman at (435) 636-3226 or by email at

	The audit will encompass a financial examination of the District's
basic financial statements and supplementary information in accordance
with generally accepted auditing practices.  The financial audit
opinion will cover the financial statements for the governmental
activities and each major fund which constitutes the basic financial
statements, as required by GASB.

	Proposers' qualifications to provide the services described in the
Request for Proposal Document, (as determined by responses to this
request and references), shall be a factor in determining the
successful proposer.  However, criteria may include, but are not
limited to: compliance of proposal with request for proposal, price,
ability to do the work, the proposers' character and reputation,
quality of other work performed, and any other criteria that the
District, in its judgment, represents the best and most favorable to
the interests of the District and the public.  

	Each proposal shall be submitted in a sealed envelope marked "Carbon
Water Conservancy District Audit Proposal" no later than May 4, 2012
at 5:00 p.m. to:

Carbon Water Conservancy District
P.O. Box 509
Helper, UT  84526

	Proposals will be opened immediately, late proposals may be returned,
unopened, to the proposer.

	Proposals submitted in accordance with this request shall be binding
upon the proposers if accepted by the District not later than 90 days
from the date of the proposal. The District reserves the right to
accept any proposal that is, in its judgment, the best and most
favorable to the interests of the District and the public; to reject
any or all proposals; to accept and incorporate corrections,
clarifications, or modifications following the opening of the
proposals when to do so would not, in the District's judgment,
prejudice the proposal process or create an improper advantage to any
proposer; and to waive any irregularities and informalities in the
proposal process or in any proposal submitted; provided, however, that
the waiver of any prior defects or informality shall not be considered
a waiver of any future or similar defects or informalities, and
proposers should not rely upon, or anticipate, such waivers in
submitting their proposal.
Published in the Sun Advocate April 24 and 26, 2012.

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