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Waste of food- Letters to the editor

By Craig Houskeeper


A problem exists in the Carbon County School District with the misuse of tax money.

The U.S. Government sends U. S.D.A. food to the Carbon District lunch program to be used in the schools. For the last few years we have received more than we used.

We were throwing away thousands of dollars worth of food every single year because it was spoiling in our warehouse.

This was done by putting a pallet on our trucks then going to all of the schools and throwing part of it in every schools dumpster. This way it was hoped that no one would know just how much waste that we had.

All of the cooks and the custodians in the district could be a witness to this activity if they were asked.

When I would tell the food service director that too much government food was going to waste because we were accepting more than we were using she would tell me that we could not refuse part of it.

This I can not believe because it is such a huge waste of our tax money.

We are given this food based on what we have used in the past. The problem is that we are not using all of it. We are throwing food away every single year and the district would rather waste it than to turn it down.

I worked for the district for 25 years, 24 of those years at the warehouse. I am now retired and that is why I can come forward.

I have a record of the food that we threw away and in 2009: the value was $20,287.74. This is the last year that I worked in the warehouse for the whole year.

This is an on going waste of food and in the year 2008 the food loss was $23,990.61. This food could have gone to a food bank or a soup kitchen.

Why no one cares about this waste of tax money is a mystery to me because I have seen an individuals fired for filling his personal car up with gas on the taxpayer's dime.

I have photographs of this food in the dumpster and recommend that the U.S.D.As top sending food to our district. Craig Houskeeper Price

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