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New tourism director has cheers for venue managers

Shalee Johansen's meeting included a cake for attendees.

Sun Advocate publisher

New Carbon County Tourism Director Shalee Johansen had a meeting with county venue managers last Wednesday, and she had a message for them: "Let's cheer you on to great things."

She was aided at the end of the meeting by the Carbon High Cheerleaders who gave the group to enthusiastic cheers towards bring more business to county venues.

The county has many tourist and travel kinds of venues, along with others that could benefit from outside the area business. The Carbon County Fairgrounds is the largest one and it includes all the horse venues, a motocross track, an outdoor ice skating rink, and the Carbon County Events Center.

Also at the meeting were officials from the North Springs Recreation Area (gun range) and from Carbon County Recreation which offers a lot of programs that people from outside the area can participate in. Long list of goals

Johansen presented to the group of about 15 people the mission statement and goals of the tourism bureau which will be acting as the promotion agency for all the venues. The goals include:

- Improving upon brand identity and the county logo to create consistency within the advertising process for all county venues.

- To increase the awareness of the kinds of venues that Carbon County has.

- To provide information about county venues that is easy to get and is available through a number of channels. That way contact can come to each venue for its target market.

- To create an urgency for people to come to the county to visit.

- To develop one track that will develop strategies and is most efficient to get the word out about county venues and to maximize advertising dollars in doing so.

- To define the markets that pertain to the various venues but using a tracking and reporting system on who visits them.

- To co-op county venues with local businesses, the community, other organizations.

Johansen went on to present to the group the things that the office of tourism can do for the various county agencies including applying for grants, providing referrals, generating leads, writing press releases, social media management as well as following up and gathering data, among many others.

Johansen presented the idea of a team concept to the managers and employees of the venue saying that "team" means Together Everyone Achieves More.

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