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Outrageous- Letters to the editor

By Mark A. Mackiewicz


I just completed reading your front page article regarding the decision of the Carbon County Commission to consolidate the 13 polling locations in Price into 2. My response to this decision? Outrageous!

I am taken back that the County Commission would make such a critical decision impacting so many voting citizens without a public hearing.

The rationale for this decision is that both the Fair Grounds and the School District Offices have adequate parking and are handicapped accessible. The existing polling places have parking and are handicapped accessible. What about the distance those seniors and others with limited capability have to drive to get to these new polling places? What about the congestion that will occur when hundreds of people are trying to vote at these two locations?

If certain polling locations presented problems, then fix them or move them to a location like the school district offices. However to move all the polling locations, is incomprehensible. Neighborhood polling locations are both needed and welcomed.

As the old saying goes, "If it ain't broke don't fix it". My suggestion to all the voters in the county that share my sentiment is to contact the Carbon County Commission and demand a public hearing before any move is made to consolidate the polling locations. Mark A. Mackiewicz Price

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