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    Due to delinquent rent and charges, Park n Stor Self Storage is
disposing of the contents of the following units.

	The ENTIRE contents of each unit listed below will be sold or
otherwise disposed of promptly at 8:00 am on Friday April 13, 2012 


 Name, City, State, Zip, Unit #, Brief Listing of Contents: 
- Bonbrake, Shawn E.-Sunnyside, UT 84539 E 40 Couch, chairs, wood box
w/clothes, vacuum, stuffed dog, TV, drawers, 
  duffle bag, boxes/sacks household.
- Eich, Lynette J.-Helper, UT 84526 E 311 Air tank, tool box, oxygen,
various automotive items, gas motor, welder, grinder, light, 
  cash register, cords, AC unit, grill, life vests, equip, table, ATV
plow, carpets, cooler, power washer
- Gurule, Jose P.-Price, UT 84501 E 295 Propane tank, coolers, p/c
monitors/parts, pruner, come along, crutches, compressor, 
  generator, light, weed eaters, walker, tool boxes, tools, coveralls,
- Gutierrez, Jane M.-Price, UT 84501 M 2 Dog box, saws, flex gym,
ironing board, TV, des5, shelf unit, floor scrubbers, chair, 
  weed sprayer, fan 
- Kraushaar, Linda L-Price, UT 84501 S 43 2 Dressers, exercise
machine, TV trays, boxes/sacks misc household.
- Moore, Rick E.-Wellington, UT 84542 E 254 Stoves, p/c,
crib/mattress, drums, records, vacuum, stereos, tables, exercise
  walker, chairs, trophys, misc yard tools, boxes/bags household &
toys, fishing poles.
- Olson, Mandy M.-Price, UT 84501 S 25  Baby carriage, picture, couch,
table & chairs, trampoline frame?, toys, coat rack, desk, 
  misc boxes/sacks household items, hose, chain, fax, dutch ovens?,
ATV plow, box spring/mattresses.
- Perry, Robert L.-Price, UT 84501 M 81 Oxygen tanks, coolers, empty
boxes, monitor, pallets, tires, boxes/sacks misc. household
- Sanchez, Eric E.-Helper, UT 84526 S 24 Baby seat, cooler, stool,
vacuum, shelf, boxes/sacks household/clothes/toys, tools, 
  syringes, hardhat, heat gun, wood chest w/pictures & personal items.
- Serrano, Debbie K.-Green River, WY 82935 S 9 Wood/glass cabinet,
toys & books, hangers, broom, misc. household items, 
  antlers, microwave, wood cabinets, dresser, speakers, rocking chair,
C-Mas items, toy box, misc boxes clothing/ household,  
  wood chest w/baby clothes, blankets, duffle bag
- Tuft, IlianN.-Price, UT 84501 M 105 Tables, dressers, desk, mirrors,
nik naks, boom boxes, clothes, sleeping bags, blankets, 
  china cabinet, boxes/bags household
- Withers, Juanita-Price, UT 84501 M 43 Lamp, hangers, monitor, boxes
misc. household, C-Mas lights, toilet seat, junk
Published in the Sun Advocate March 27 and April 5, 2012.

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