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Animals have feelings too- Letters to the editor

By Nadine Morris


I am so glad I have this avenue open for my frustration as I have no one to douse with flour to help bring to light the plight of animals.

Did you know that elephants cry? Mother elephants surround the one giving birth to protect her and her calf. Wolves mate for life. Every animal gives birth, snuggles and grooms their babies, cries, howls, wails, or gets depressed when their mate or offspring die. Humans and animals have more similar traits than different.

The purpose of this letter is to try to access your heart and create empathy for all animals. I was found by a dog in Huntington.The dog and his owner were reunited and the way he had gotten lost made me sick.The owner said he had lost track of him when he set him on a bear he wanted to kill. The bear was chased for two days and then killed. I asked him if he needed the meat and he said no just the hide.

What is in our nature that makes us want to level, demolish, pave and kill everything? Can you imagine what it would feel like to be chased for your life? The fear, exhaustion and then pain? I have nothing against hunting if it's real hunting. Tracking on foot, regular gun, bow and arrow, but being to lazy to get off of your butt and run an animal with a helicoper, four wheeler or dog is sickening.

May I suggest the movie "Powder" and theYou Tube video,"Blind dog rescued from trash pile."?

If these tales don't kick start your heart nothing will. Please,please do what you can to help animals both physically and in nondestruction of habitat. Make your yard animal friendly or of if you are lucky enough to own acreage plant trees, leave underbrush and uncover a little bit of your irrigation ditch for water access.

Every little kind thing helps. Nadine Morris Price

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