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April is Child Abuse Awareness Month- Guest column

The Family Support and Children's Justice Center

The Family Support and Children's Justice Center is committed to preventing child abuse and educating our community about child abuse.

It's important for the community to understand that child abuse is not just a family problem, it's a community problem. Child abuse costs tax payers millions of dollars each year. During 2011, the Department of Child and Family Services in Carbon County found 185 children to be abused and or neglected in one way or another. In Emery County DCFS found 66 children to have been abused and or neglected.

We ask you, the citizens of Carbon and Emery Counties, to join in our commitment of the prevention and treatment of child abuse by, proclaiming April as Child Abuse Awareness Month. Please place a "Blue Ribbon" outside your home, on your business window, or pin it on your shirt during the month of April. This signifies that you are committed in protecting our greatest asset, OUR CHILDREN!

The center will display pinwheel gardens throughout Carbon and Emery Counties, as each pinwheel represents the hope for the future.

The Family Support and Children's Justice Center has been committed to the prevention and treatment of Child Abuse for over 14 years. We accomplish this in many ways.

We assist families in times of crisis and provide respite to families needing a break. We offer free parenting classes and home visiting. The center also assists in the coordination of child abuse investigations by providing the children a safe place to talk about their abusive situation.

Once a child is seen at the center for an investigation, then follow up is made to refer the families for counseling, victim advocate services, or medical exams.

We ask ou to support us in this observance of Child Abuse Awareness Month.

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