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Know thy neighbors- Letters to the editor

Editor: >p>In light of the impending (April 1) holiday, I thought it appropriate to introduce you to some local people you should know.

Mel and Sarah Tonin have lived in the Castle Valley for decades. Mel has helped many of us in this community. He's an independent sleep administrator who works mostly at night. Sarah's presence has also been a positive influence here; it's claimed that she's responsible for improving our moods. The Tonins are frequently seen in local pharmacies.

Poly and Ester are sisters who have woven themselves into the warp and woof of this community. They're not as popular as they once were, but you can still find them "hanging out" in the local haberdasheries - and at the thrift shops. Poly and Ester are also known as the "retro sisters."

Cap and Numb Locke are brothers who are more recent imports into the Castle Valley. Their presence is almost ubiquitous in local homes. It seems they're always at our fingertips. The Locke brothers are reverse physical therapists of sorts, working to degrade the appendages that connect to our shoulders. Some people claim that Numb was named for his effect on people.

There are many other neighbors you should know, but that's a subject for a future missive on another appropriate holiday. Malcolm Howard Price

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