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Sun Advocate brings home awards from Better Newspaper Contest

Associate editor John Serfustini, advertising manager Jenni Fasselin and publisher Richard Shaw display some of the awards won in the Utah Press Association's Better Newspaper Contest. The paper placed in 12 of 27 categories of judging.

Sun Advocate reporter

As in past years, the Sun Advocate once again took home many honors in Springville Saturday in the Utah Press Association's Better Newspaper Contest. The paper was judged on issues of the paper produced During 2011. This years categories were judged by the Montana Newspaper Association.

Altogether the paper entered submissions in 27 categories ranging from editorial stories to advertising ideas. The paper won either a first, second or third place in 12 of those categories.

"We work hard all year and usually don't think much about the contest except at the time the awards are given out," said Richard Shaw, publisher of the paper. "This paper is a labor of love for all of us and we just want to put out a good paper that our community can enjoy and use to educate themselves about our area."

The Sun Advocate is classed as a category II paper. Category II papers have a circulation of between 2,500 and 6,000 and are published either once a week or twice a week. Group II has 13 newspapers in it.

The first place awards the paper won were for the following:

- Best Advertising Idea. The paper won this award for the annual Energy edition and all the energy related publications that are done in connection with it.

- Best circulation promotion. Won for a promotion using animals in the ad with the saying "Where is my Sun Advocate?"

- Best In-House Promotion. This was won for an ad that welcomed CJ McManus back to the newspaper after having been away for two years.

The second place awards came in the following categories:

- Best News Series. The articles concerned the UtahAmerican plans to move Grassy Trail Lake. They were written by Kevin Scannell and appeared in a number of issues from Jan. 20 to July 19, 2011.

- Best Editor's/Feature Column. The columns that won were written by Richard Shaw for the Jan. 11, July 28 and Nov. 29, 2011 papers. They were "Little bigger things matter a great deal," "Reality television in black and white," and "Read all the directions, you dummy."

- Best Photo Page. The page that took second was the Community Daze 2011 Rocks Carbon County layout on July 12, 2011. The photography and layout were done by CJ McManus.

- Best Feature/Community Lifestyle Page. The contest was judged on different pages over the year that were submitted: Camping in Castle Valley (June 16, 2011, article, layout, photography Jason Bailey); An original on the air (July 7, 2011, article, layout, photography, Richard Shaw); "Location, Location, Location; Where should you get married?" (Aug. 4, 2011, article, photography, layout, Richard Shaw).

- The Sun Advocate also took second place in its category for the Best Website (designed and maintained by Jason Bailey).

The third place awards include:

- Best Editorial. "Living within our water means," by Richard Shaw which published on Sept. 27, 2011.

- Best Feature Photo. "The bridges of eastern Utah," taken by John Serfustini. It appeared on the front page of the Nov. 22, 2011 issue.

- Best Sports Photo. Lady Dinos soar to second at state which was taken by Terry Willis. It appeared on the front page on March 1, 2011.

- Best Staff Produced Run-of-press ad campaign. A series of ads ran in the first half of 2011 which were designed by Kelly Wilkinson and James Bailey.

The Emery County Progress, also owned by the Gull Newspaper group, did well in the contest as well, bringing home three first place awards, five second place and five third place awards. That paper is in category I. The Richfield Reaper, also a Gull Newspaper did well in category III winning 11 awards with six of them first place awards.

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