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Problem is...- Letters to the editor


The problem with Orrin Hatch is easily demonstrated by the fact that he and Bob Bennett voted Cass Sunstein out of committee.

Cass Sunstein is the regulatory czar that is responsible for dragging this country down to new depths. Thank him for the new draconian EPA regulations and the new ADA regulations that will cost every business and municipality dearly, (these went into effect March 15). The law suits will feed the trial lawyers for decades. We will all pay endlessly.

He is probably the most dangerous liberal radical in the Obama administration. He should have never been cleared by the senate.

He would never have been seated as regulatory czar without the votes of both Orrin Hatch and Bob Bennett. They both thought nobody was watching.

Bob Bennett paid for this betrayal. It is time for Orrin Hatch to do the same.

Troy O. Lund


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