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Welfare and Drugs- Letters to the editor

By Bryan Boucher Helper


Testing welfare recipients for drugs is a measure that is way too long in coming.

Senator David Hinkins R-Orangeville (Re: Senator says welfare recipients "sit around and go fishing" Salt Lake Tribune, March 8, page 1, section B) is right when he says it doesn't go far enough. Not only should they be automatically tested before they receive any money from any public assistance program, but if they fail a drug test, they should not receive any money.

While I agree that children would suffer if their drug abusing "parents" don't receive public assistance, the parents should have thought about that before they put drugs before their children's well being.

It should not be the responsibility of everyone who works and pays taxes to finance someone else's drug habit.

I think that the mandatory testing should apply to food stamp and WIC coupon recipients as well and should also include testing for tobacco use.

My point is, if you can afford $5.00 to $7.00 for a pack of cigarettes, I don't feel I should have to feed you or your kids.

Bryan Boucher


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