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Carbon High takes first place overall in region FBLA competition

The Future Business Leaders of America held their region meet at USU Eastern and all of the Eastern Region schools came out to participate.

Carbon High School

The Future Business Leaders of America held their region meet at USU Eastern and all of the Eastern Region schools came out to participate. Carbon High took first place overall and many of the members received a high rank.

Region gave the members a little taste of what state is going to be like in March. After the test taking was finally over, the members got to have a little fun at Country Lanes bowling alley. Even though many were in their business clothes, it didn't stop them from throwing strikes and gutter-balls. They had pizza waiting for them for a free lunch at the bowling alley.

FBLA teamed up with FCCLA to raise money for the March of Dimes organization. They sold candy and orange crush soda at lunch to give to their "crush". They raised a lot of money for a great cause. FBLA also held a meeting about state and what they will be doing between their hard work of taking tests.

Congratulations to Georgie Zamantakis for taking first place, Alexis Heugly for taking second place, and JoeCee Heil for taking third in Accounting 1. Sienna Smoak took first place, and Charielle Basso took second place in Accounting 2. Alexis Matthews took fourth place and Kashley Donathan took fifth place in Banking & Financial Systems. Lexi Adams took first place in Business Communications, and Georgie Zamantakis took second place in Business Law. In Computer Problem Solving, Jake Allred took second place, and in Cyber Security, Kashley Donathan took fourth place, and Shainey Hackney took fifth place. Charielle Basso added Database Design & Application to her winning streak by taking fourth place in the division. Georgie Zamantakis took second place, and Dalan Weber took fifth place in Economics.

In FBLA Principals and Procedures category, Kaydee Gilson took first place; Joseph Sheilch took second place, and Tyler Herrera took third place. Maya Hoyt took first place in the Future Business Leaders division. Nicholas Hansen took first place in Global Business, followed by Charielle Basso in second place and Kashley Donathan in fifth place. In Health Care Administration, Taylor Warring took second place, and in Help Desk, Yuliana Morales took second place; Mariela Navarro took fourth place, and Karla Payan took fifth place. In Hospitality Management, Scottie Kraync took second place, and Coldel Howard took fourth place.

Zachary Barney took fifth place in Introduction to Parliamentary Procedures. In Introduction to Technology Concepts, Alexis Heugly took second place. JoeCee Heil took first place in Job Interview, and in Entrepreneurship Scottie Kraync took first place; Zachary Barney took third place, and Charielle Basso took fifth place. Robbi Etzel took third place in marketing, and in Network Concepts Leandra Arroyo took third place, and Travis Draper took fifth place. Zach Barney placed again in Parliamentary Procedure taking fifth place. Leandra Arroyo took first place in Personal Finance, and Hailey Evans took fourth place. In Technology Concepts Travis Draper took second place, Nick Hansen took third place, and Jake Allred took fifth place. Kaydee Gilson took first place in Word Processing 1, with Tyler Herrera taking a close second place, and Robbi Etzel took fourth place.

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