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CHS students rallying to raise funds to buy a special van for a friend

Blaze McCormack beside the CHS mascot

Sun Advocate associate editor

Carbon High School students are taking on a special fund-raising effort for one of their classmates.

They are out to raise $3,000 over the next few weeks to buy a customized van for Blaze McCormack to give him an extra degree of freedom.

The 18-year-old senior lost his arms and legs when he was less than a year old to complications of spinal meningitis. He uses a motorized wheelchair to cruise from class to class at school and on the street.

However, the electric rig does not fit in the family car, so he relies on a portable wheelchair that fits in the trunk.

Teacher Cami Carlson said that the students decided Blaze should travel in style, so they shopped around and found a model available for just under $3,000.

It has a lift so all Blaze will have to do is drive aboard.

Carlson said the student government has already raised $500 toward the goal and the Renaissance Club - the school's service club - is working on ideas to get the word out to the community.

Blaze intends to work at the Castle Valley Center after graduation and has an amibition to become a motivational speaker.

He's already a motivation for Carlson. Admittedly, she's not a morning person, "But when I get to school and see him all smiling and cheerful in class, it makes me glad. He's my inspiration," she said.

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