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Letters to the editor: Going green


This letter is in regards to the editorial "Obama responsible for middle class shrinkage" by Howard Rich (Sun Advocate, Dec. 27, 2011).

The Tea Party is claiming they have an ultimatum with approximately 13 percent of the registered vote. It was actually the 40 percent of Americans that didn't vote that elected the Tea Party to congress.

Rich is trying to blame President Obama for the decline of the middle class. It was the Bush Administration that put the economy in the toilet. It was the lack of controls on Wall Street, the banks and big business that cause this recession.

Rich also claims that extending unemployment benefits is harming the middle class. Apparently his ilk wants the unemployed to underbid illegal aliens to get a job. Americans cannot live on those wages because they won't live with three or four families in one house like he would expect them to.

The Tea Party wants to privatize Social Security and Medicare, supposedly to save those programs. Private insurance administration costs are around 30 percent. Medicare's administration costs are around 5 percent. The reason? The government doesn't hire a team of lawyers to cheat people out of what they have coming to them.

I will have to admit I don't know much about socialism, but I do know that ultra-conservatives have labeled everything that benefits the common people as "creeping socialism."

In their way of thinking Social Security, Medicare, unemployment compensation, minimum wage laws, child labor laws environmental laws, etc. are all labeled as socialism.

M.L. "Joe" Stock

East Carbon

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