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Castle Country Leap Year Birthdays

Sun Advocate publisher

Last week a number of local people had a birthday for the first time in four years. It was those that were born on Feb. 29, a day that only comes in leap year.

For Quinn Jones it was his fourth actual birthday (he was 12 years old by all other standards), and he has few beefs with being a person who was born on Feb. 29.

"My sister (who is six years old) likes to say she is older than me," he said in an interview on Thursday. "She is always asking me why I am younger than she is.

Jones said he celebrates his birthday most years on Feb. 28 or March 1 whichever is most convenient. But he also says that on years when Feb. 29 shows up on the calendar, his family has a bit bigger party for him.

"Most people won't believe me when I tell them how hold I am by my birth date," he said.

He actually got into trouble when he was eight years old because he kept insisting to a teacher at school that he was only two.

"We were studying leap years and she wouldn't believe me," he said.

Jania Nielsen, a USU Eastern nursing student, celebrated the fifth anniversary of her birth. She's 20. Most years, her birthday party is a moveable feast. Sometimes she celebrates on Feb. 28, sometimes on March 1, and sometimes she'll wait for March 9 to share the day with her brother.

Lainee Kait Tamllos celebrates on Feb. 28. She's also adamant that the Leap Year birthday does not make her feel special. In fact, she says she doesn't like it, although she doesn't know why.

The winner for the most Leap Year birthdays is Venedee "Dee" Nelson Turnbull, who celebrated her 25th this year. She's 100 years old. Dee is the tenth and youngest child born to James and Mary Olsen Nelson of Ferron. She attended schools in Ferron and Wasatch Academy.

Dee married Mitchell "Mike" Turnbull in Standardville on October 16, 1931. They lived in several Carbon County mining communities before settling in the East Carbon area in the late 1940s, where they raised their son Gary and daughter Lynn.

She now lives in Bountiful.

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