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County Dems advised to check registration status

The Carbon County Democratic Party Central Committee amended its Constitution and By-Laws in May 2011.

The Amendment, having immediate impact as the party proceeds toward Precinct Caucus meetings on March 13 is one which requires all CCDP officers, Precinct officers, Central Committee members, County Delegates, and State Delegates to be registered Democrats.

Also, the registration must have been in effect a minimum of 60-days before the precinct caucuses (January 13, 2012, for this year), and one who is elected shall maintain registration as Democrat for the duration of that office.

It was recently discovered that an unknown number of members of the Carbon Democratic Party registered to vote when the registration form did not provide for designating one's party affiliation. The voter registration form changed around 1995 and then provided for marking one's party affiliation.

Fortunately, among the 300 or so current elected positions throughout the party, there are only a handful who registered after 1995 and either marked unaffiliated or did not mark any party affiliation.

Persons uncertain about when they registered to vote, are encouraged to visit the County Clerk's office in the courthouse and, if necessary, re-register and mark an affiliation.

At precinct caucus meetings on March 13, Democrats in the county will choose who will represent them as leaders for the party. Also, those elected as County Delegates will meet on March 30 at the Rio Theater in Helper to choose which candidates will appear on the ballot for the primary races in June. Democrats elected as State Delegates vote on candidates for state-wide positions, such as Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and members of the state legislature when they meet at the State Democratic Convention on April 20-21 in Salt Lake City.

Voting in the primary races in June and in the general election in November is a right guaranteed by the 15th and 19th Amendment of the Constitution of this great country. Although one is not required to vote, one cannot be refused his/her right to vote, except as provided in law. However, to meet our needs as a democratic society, government and citizens must work together. Responsible citizenship means voting, obeying the laws, defending the nation, serving on a jury, serving the community, and being informed. Thomas Jefferson observed, "If a nation expects to be ignorant and free . . . it expects what never was and never will be."

Participate in your neighborhood precinct caucus; become a candidate for a position in the Party, and support those positions and ideals which you believe are in the best interest of Carbon County, the State of Utah, and the Nation. Be an informed voter; be a participant.

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