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Letters to the editor: Going green


The Green Team of Carbon County would like to thank all of the citizens of Carbon County for their, suggestions, support and interest in "doing what they can" to reduce, reuse, and manage the local waste stream of Carbon County. We gratefully have received monetary contributions from those listed on the sides of the recycle trailers. Without these sponsors, we would be unable to provide the services we have to date.

As we move forward in an effort to grow the program and to continue to improve the free, convenient locations to recycle, we are completely dependent on additional sponsorships as the Green Team of Carbon County is a non-profit corporation.

You may find it interesting to know that the Green Team board and committee are made of citizens who reside throughout the county. They are an amazing group of people willing to volunteer a few hours a week in providing active input into the direction the Green Team takes. The Green Team invites you to attend meetings, learn more about us at, and most importantly implement some of these simple ideas at home, at work and while vacationing.

Another way to grow our program is to recycle all of the paper and aluminum either in one of the recycle trailers or larger quantities can be dropped off at 1416 East Airport Rd., Price. The material collected is then sold and can be reinvested in new equipment allowing us to recycle more material than only paper and aluminum.

Please continue to follow us in this newspaper, the radio stations along with our website for upcoming events and news from the Green Team of Carbon County.

For more information, you can call Jeanne at 650-9249. Jeanne McEvoy Chair, Green Team of Carbon County Price

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