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Letter to the Editor: Students interest at heart



I would like to than all of the people in this community and throughout the state that have expressed their shock, disbelief and anger at USU Eastern for firing Todd Olsen. The most commonly stated fact from most of you was "Todd Olsen is CEU!"

You also said that "We always knew that if we had a question about CEU or needed help with something in regards to CEU Todd would help us."

Todd dedicated 21 years of his life to CEU, not just 8 hours a day but around the clock if needed. Todd was an advocate for CEU, as well as for Carbon and Emery counties. He was also a spokesman in a number of venues throughout the state.

I am Todd's mother so I have first hand knowledge of his dedication and what has gone on during the transition at CEU/USU Eastern. I am sure that sure that USU Eastern has made a large mistake by "not retaining" Todd and all of the others they chose to let go.

It seems that the people they let go were the people who had the students best interest at heart.

Thanks again to all of those that realize this.

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