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Nominations open for Huntsman Awards for Excellence in Education

Jon and Karen Huntsman have announced their request for nominations for the 2012 Huntsman Awards for Excellence in Education. The Awards Committee will accept nominations through 5:00 p.m., on Tuesday, March 20.

A hand-picked board of judges will review nominations in mid-April, and the honors will be presented at a banquet in Salt Lake City in May.

Nomination forms are available through any public school, the local PTA or by logging on to Huntsman's education awards web page at

Over the past nineteen years, the Huntsman family has presented annually ten special lifetime awards comprising a $10,000 personal check and an artistically-designed crystal obelisk to each of the outstanding Utah educators: six teachers, three administrators and an education volunteer. To mark the 20th anniversary of the program in 2012, an eleventh recipient will be selected to receive the Mark H. Huntsman Award in honor of the youngest Huntsman family member whose mental disabilities illustrate the importance of excellence in the field of special education.

Karen Huntsman said, "We are excited that from 2012 forward a Mark H. Huntsman Award will be presented to a principal, teacher or volunteer who has shown outstanding performance in the field of special education. This critical area of service demands patience, as well as specialized training, and we want to acknowledge those who apply their talents to helping students whose ability to learn is different from that of other children."

She will visit each of the eleven recipients throughout the state of Utah to notify them and their schools of their selection for this award.

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