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3 criminal mischief charges filed against sheriff's captain

Sun Advocate associate editor

Carbon County Sheriff's Captain Guy Adams has been charged with three counts of criminal mischief for allegedly scratching three parked vehicles in a South Salt Lake repair shop Jan. 5. Two of the charges are class A misdemeanors, the third is class B.

According to an information filed in Third Judicial District Court Wednesday by the Salt Lake County District Attorney's office, the charges are supported by surveillance video evidence and the testimony of witnesses.

The information states that the video shows Adams walking and standing in the same location where each of the three vehicles were damaged. At one point, the tape shows Adams touching the hood of a 2012 GMC Sierra pickup and "making an up and down motion in the spot where damage to the hood was found."

South Salt Lake Police Detective Chad Leetham stated that Adams was the only person on the video seen near the three scratched vehicles.

The information further alleges that Sheriff James Cordova interviewed Adams on Jan. 9 about the incident, and that when Cordova asked Adams if he did it, Adams replied, "I don't think I did it...I don't remember." When Cordova told him there was video of the incident, Adams said, "I'd have to see the video. I don't think I did it."

A statement by shop owner Clint Trickett indicates that Adams called twice and offered to pay for the damages. Adams also told Trickett that unless the charges were dropped he would lose his job, according to the court document.

The information also alleges that in Cordova's statement to the police, the sheriff called Trickett with Adams in the room, and the captain twice offered to pay for the damages to make the charges go away.

The charges stem from scratch damage to three vehicles parked in a fenced lot of Premier Vehicle Installation, 3038 South Specialty Circle in South Salt Lake. The damaged vehicles were:

A 2012 GMC Sierra 1500 belonging to Dave Smith Motors, which had multiple scratches to the driver's side door and hood causing $938.20 in damage;

A 2012 Ford Fusion belonging to the Syracuse, Utah Police Department, with $74.69 in damage; and

A 2006 Ford Expedition belonging to the U.S. Forest Service, with $585.99 in damage.

Adams had taken a department vehicle in for repair on the day the incident occurred.

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