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Creekview students earn honors at 'Reflections' regional contest

Sixteen Creekview students were honored with a trophy and certificate for placing in Reflections at the Regional level.

Reflections is a PTA-sponsored national arts program that encourages creativity and development of artistic abilities centered on a theme. This year's theme was "Diversity Means . . ." and the entries submitted were indeed diverse. The Regional Reflections Awards night was held Jan. 27 at the Senior Citizen's Center in Huntington.

Three Creekview students were honored with multiple awards for multiple entries this year. Adriana Taylor was awarded first place for her musical composition and second place for both her visual arts and literature entries. Similarly, Kelsey Sorenson won first place for her 3-D art project and took second on her photography entry. Another double winner was James Bryner who placed third in both music composition and photography.

Six Creekview students won at the Regional level and their work will go on to compete at the state level. The first place winners were Dallin Nelson for his music composition at the Intermediate level, Alysa Wilson for her 3-D art entry at the Intermediate level, Ambree Jones for her photography entry at the Primary level, MaKenna Wallace for photography at the Intermediate level, and Adriana Taylor and Kelsey Sorenson as mentioned earlier.

Other winners from Creekview include Brinlee Evans and Maylee Gregersen who tied for third place in Literature at the Intermediate level, Aubrey Fausett and Brandon Hyde who both tied for third in Visual Arts at the Intermediate level, and Garrett Bryner who placed third in Visual Arts at the Primary level. In the Three-Dimensional art contest, Michael Banasky placed third in the Intermediate division, and Pierce Bryner and Abigail Wilson placed second and third respectively in the Primary division. In photography, Brock Johnson placed third in the Primary division.

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