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Letter to the Editor: Not inaccurate history lessons


I was under the impression that the Sun Advocate printed only respectable, newsworthy material.

However, judging by the letter concerning radical environmentalism that the newspaper elected to print on Jan. 21, I find myself questioning that impression.

Please take immediate note that I am in no way an environmentalist and am not attacking anyone for his or her views.

Rather, observe that while I agree with the view set forth in the aforementioned letter, the fact remains that it makes the rest of society opposed to radical environmentalism look bad.

Out of the 69 lines which comprised the letter, 11 of them were written solely by the author.

These 11 lines include the salutation, introduction and close (signature).

I believe that I do not stand alone when I say that having an individual copy lines from historic speeches to convey a point degrades the credibility of all who share the opposition to radical environmentalism.

The next time letters to the editor are printed, I think I speak for the newspaper's entire audience when I say that I would prefer to see letters, not what I believe to be inaccurate history lessons.

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