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USU Eastern to present 'See How They Run'

Penelope Toop, played by Anne Morey, finds her unexpected houseguest unconscious, while Corporal Clive Winton, disguised as a vicar, looks on in See How They Run, playing Feb. 9-18 at USU-Eastern.

Beware the gaggle of clergymen in USU-Eastern's production of See How They Run, starting Thursday at Geary Theatre. They're running fast and flying low, and no one's too pious.

It's all part of a hilarious British farce that features a Russian spy, a nosy parishioner, a cheeky maid, actors, and more vicars than audiences can shake a sermon at. See How They Run will, uh, run from Eeb. 9, through Saturday, Feb. 18, except for Sunday and Wednesday.Curtain time is 7:30 p.m.

"This comedy is a classic of British farce because it features no-holds-barred humor, mistaken identity, and split-second timing," director Martin Kelly said. "I am delighted to work with talented actors who understand the challenges of this style of fast-moving comedy."

Kelly is a recent transplant to Carbon County from North Dakota, where he was Director of Theatre at Valley City State University. After retiring, he and his wife, Carla, moved to Wellington to be closer to relatives on the Wasatch Front.

The comedy, written by Philip King, begins calmly enough. World War II is just over, and now the threat is Russian spies, one of whom has escaped from a U.S. Army base near the quiet English village of Merton-cum-Middlewick.

Unaware of this, Vicar Lionel Toop is leaving for an evening engagement. His wife Penelope, a former American actress, is settling down for a quiet night at home. Her uncle, the Bishop of Lax, is due to arrive tomorrow, and so is the Rev. Humphrey, a visiting vicar who will preach tomorrow's sermon.

Lionel Toop is played by Mitchell Ewan, from Price. Anne Morey, from Salt Lake City, plays Penelope, with Seth Zaborski as the Bishop of Lax, and Jerid Clark as the meek Rev. Humphrey. Zaborski and Clark are from Price.

Complicating Penelope's quiet evening is Miss Skillon, nosy parishioner who arrives to complain about Penelope.

A more welcome guest, although unexpected, is Corporal Clive Winton, professional actor and Penelope's old theatre buddy. Lisha Michel, Clearfield, plays Miss Skillon, and Wilford Woodruff, from Price, is cast as Clive Owen.

In order to dodge army regulations, Clive changes from his uniform into Rev. Toop's second-best clerical garb and he and Penelope set out to see a production of a play that both of them appeared in, years ago. After they leave, Penelope's husband returns in time to be knocked unconscious by the Russian spy, who steals his vicar's garb.

When the Bishop of Lax arrives early, as does Rev. Humphrey, there is suddenly a stageful of men in black clerical clothing. Which one is the Russian spy?

Other cast members include Bethany Gilmour Woodruff, from Aberdeen, Scotland, as Ida; Tyrell Clement, Huntington, as the Russian spy; and Seth Burgess, Price, as a sergeant looking for the spy.

Tickets will be on sale at the boxoffice before each performance.

Children under age six will not be admitted.

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