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Piccolo: State of the City is strong

Sun Advocate reporter

Price City is an example of a well run city that can be taken as an example for the rest of the state to follow, according to Price City Mayor Joe Piccolo during his State of the City address at the Civic Auditorium on Friday afternoon.

Piccolo addressed the crowd mainly compromised of Price City employees, city council members, family and friends, and spoke highly of the hard work being done by many different people that helps make Price a great place to live and work.

While other towns in Utah and around the United States have struggled in recent years, Piccolo said the current state of Price and its economy is "strong".

He cited examples of what has helped make Price City a strong place, noting the hard work of city employees, especially the Price City Fire Department which received the honor of being named Safety Team of the Year. Piccolo said the Price City Fire Department has gone five years with no accidents or injuries. He also credited Fire Chief Paul Bedont for his work on helping the department get a new $750,000 fire truck that came at a minimal cost for the city.

Piccolo also presented city employee Johnny Winder with the 2011 Employee of the Year award. Winder, who has worked with Price City in several capacities for the last three decades, was chosen for the award by his fellow city employees.

In the past year, Price City celebrated its centennial with a number of different activities, gatherings and special events through the months of April to September. Many of the events required a lot of work and planning to make them happen but they helped to make a special celebration for the city, according to Barbara Piccolo, the first lady of Price.

Now Mayor Piccolo wants to help make the next centennial for Price City be just as special as the first. The city is calling it the "Bicentennial Beginning".

For the 2012 year, Piccolo requested that Price City's employees and residents focus on three aspects including having a positive attitude with everything, believing in yourself and having the courage to get up and try again despite failures or shortcomings.

While each of the three aspects he mentioned may not always be easy to follow, he said they are a big reason as to why Price City and its residents are an example for the rest of the state to follow.

"I believe we live in the greatest city in the state of Utah," he said.

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