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Helper City decides to go for speed on information superhighway

Sun Advocate associate editor

After crawling along the information superhighway at 1.5 miles per hour for the past 12 years, Helper City had decided its time to boost its speed up to 20 mph. It's going to get new hardware and support for the library and city offices Internet services.

Councilman Jason Llewelyn, who does some network and Internet consulting for the city, came up with the highway speed analogy. The city's computers have been lumbering along on one megabit per second of transmission speed. Price City's cruise at 100 mbps.

Llewelyn abstained from voting or making a motion, but he did lay out some options for the city in his presentation. For a one-time investment of $1,500, the city could get the hardware it needs for faster Internet service. For about what the city is paying now for its slower service, it could upgrade to 20 mbps.

That's because a special e-rate 70 percent lower is available to the library through the Utah Library System.

Calling the upgrade "a no-brainer," councilman Robert Bradley moved to fund the 20-fold increase in speed. The motion carried unanimously, with the exception of Llewelyn's abstention.

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