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Bruin Point brings in parents for breakfast and books

A father and daughter combo go over Bruin Point's non-fiction reading curriculum during a before school parental program at the East Carbon elementary school. The program is meant to foster parent-student reading.

Sun Advocate reporter

With the Carbon School District adopting a new common core, teacher and special reading instructors at Bruin Point Elementary decided to bring in parents this week and make them part of the team.

At the event, parents were treated to breakfast with their children before they were given instruction on how to help the young students read non-fiction literature. After a brief meeting with the school's instructional coach Sandy Bertola, parents were able to sit with their children and go over the school's new approach to reading.

"What we are doing with the common core has to do with requiring children to read more than one type of text and then compare the content or the text structure. For example, if I was reading a poem and then instructional text, I would compare the two and their messages," explained Bertola. "We want students to get past the surface information given by the text and get to the deeper meaning. This is to help our students get ready for college courses and the vocational world. If we start them at a young age with this type of learning we can keep them going."

Next, the school will be helping parents with new ways to explain math facts to their kids.

"It is our hope to teach students to explore the way they learn rather than memorizing," she continued. "We want them to look deeper into the meaning of what they are doing."

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