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The cost of hauling Price residents' garbage away is going down, and now the city has a problem.

What should they do with the extra fees they will be charging residents for the next year?

In a report to the Price City Council last Wednesday, Wade Williams of City Sanitation told the body that with ECDC's new tippage fees the cost for dumping cans will be going down.

"They set the pricing for the county," he told the council, and referred to the fact that what cost breaks the county gets, others get too. "I am here to ask for less money for our service."

That comment brought a laugh to the council chambers, a place where people usually ask for more money.

"The price has been $22 per ton," said Williams. "Now it has fallen to $17 per ton. We have been picking up about 350 tons each week and that came out to $2.15 per can dumped. Changing the structure fee, that will go down to $1.65 per can."

Williams was speaking during the citizen comment period, so no action could be taken on Wednesday, but council members discussed what they should do when it does come up on the action agenda at the next meeting.

"I guess we need to consider if we want to pass that savings onto residents," said Mayor Joe Piccolo.

Council members took the information under advisement and will be thinking about what to do before the next meeting.

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