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Mayor will try to get a Wellington traffic signal

Sun Advocate associate editor

It was a pitch that Ben Blackburn was ready to knock out of the park.

It was a question from a scout from Troop 280, who had come to witness the workings of local government at the Wellington City Council meeting.

When Mayor Blackburn asked if there were questions, the scout said he and his fellow 11-year-olds had noticed that traffic moved fast along Highway 6 and that kids had to cross that busy street to get to and from the city park and ball parks to play.

"Couldn't someone build a bridge so people could walk across?" he asked.

Blackburn was ready for that one. A bridge would be too expensive, he said, but he's going to meet with state transportation officials next week to make the city's - and the scout's - case for a traffic signal.

Maybe the city won't get a timed signal because there isn't enough cross-traffic, but what something that could be actuated by a pedestrian would work, he said.

He said the city has been trying for a long time to get a signal, and now that Duchesne is getting two of them, it's Wellington's turn.

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