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Letters to the editor

Hurtful to families


In reference to the Sun Advocate's attempt to report historic events in Carbon County (120 Years series) please realize that some of the articles are extremely hurtful to the families of involved, many of whom are still living in Carbon County.

If the Sun Advocate wants to be viewed as a home town newspaper it should be sensitive to those of us who call it our home. This includes all of the local employees of the Sun Advocate.

You should ask yourselves, how would you feel if you were caused to relive a painful moment in your family's history?

History should include articles on the growth and the struggles of Carbon County but not be hurtful toward local residents who continue to contribute to the community.

Greg Cowan


Concerned about PCBs


Concerning the proposed modification request for disposing of PCBs at E.C.D.C

The production of PCBs was banned in the United States in 1979 because it was ruled a carcinogenic and it is readily absorbed by the body through the skin. It causes many health problems such as cancers. Neurological problems, reproductive problems, immune problems, and many masked health side effects to numerous to list.

It appears to me that the only concerns in this matter is monetary.

It means more money a ton for East Carbon City, E.C.D.C and for the state division of solid and hazardous waste. Ironically that agency is responsible for the inspections on E.C.D.C and as per state officials at the meeting on Dec. 21, 2011 in East Carbon the inspections amount to paper work inspections and some water samples a couple times a year. There is no inspection by the state to make sure of what is actually being hauled in or dumped. If the paper work matches and looks right it doesn't matter what is really being dumped. To me it sounds like a very poor and haphazard way of making inspections.

I guess we just take E.C.D.C at their word and give them a variance from the law for whatever they want when ever they want it. E.C.D.C is saying that they will have a wheel wash for equipment and suppress the dust off this operation with water. The dust is not being suppressed now, nor do I think it will be. In addition, where will they get the water from?

If they do happen to do the washing what will happen to the excess water? Will it set in a pond for the wild life in the area to get into ? And where will that water go after that?

Also of concern is the employees of E.C.D.C and residents of East Carbon, Sunnyside, Columbia, and surrounding areas that will be exposed to the PCBs. Could springs in the area such as Whitmore springs, Galana springs, East springs, Gorge's springs, Big springs, Mud springs, and numerous other springs in-between be affected? Where will it end?

PCBs are recognized by the EPA as a health hazard . If this is done the only thing protecting us from the PCBs is the word of E.C.D.C and a man made liner run over by dozers, trucks, loaders, and numerous other pieces of equipment. Are you telling me that there wont be holes punched in to this liner?.

I am requesting that a environmental impact study be done on E.C.D.C. This area will be at some point in time polluted by this action. Resulting in an environment that I don't think we here in Carbon and Emery County can be expected to accept.

I am a very, very concerned citizen of Carbon county

David D Pilling


Know the truth


I would like to address statements that were made by the East Carbon Coalition spokesperson Robert Warren at the East Carbon city council meeting on Jan. 10.

Maybe I'm a little naïve but I would think that if you are going to speak on a subject at a council meeting you should have facts to back up your statements. But that kind of logic didn't seem to apply at that meeting. The truth and facts were missing but in its place Mr. Warren had plenty of ridiculous accusations and false statements to fill the void.

I've currently been employed at ECDC for seven years. During that time I've become very familiar with state and federal waste disposal regulations and requirements. I understand the process that all materials go through from the analytical data that's needed, the screening process that's done by our trained Special Waste department and all of the manifest requirements once a waste stream has been approved. It is a very detailed thorough process from start to finish. I think Mr. Warren would benefit by learning the process before he speaks about it without having the facts.

Mr. Warren mentioned that ECDC has had several "oops" incidents where he believes that we have in someway-violated regulations or ignored our permit. I just have one question to Mr. Warren. Where is your proof to validate any of your claims? I already know the answer to that question. He has no proof because it doesn't exist. The incidents he spoke of never occurred.

I also take offense at Mr. Warren insinuating that ECDC has taken or is currently accepting any material that we are not permitted to dispose of. My co-workers and I take our responsibilities extremely seriously. We check every manifest for every single truck, container or railcar before it even goes through the gate at the landfill to ensure that all of the regulations have been met and the waste is approved and safe to dispose of. For you to insinuate that we do anything other than that is in my opinion an attack on our personal integrity. Unless you have proof to back up your claims I think you owe each of us an apology. We haven't fabricated or blatantly lied about any of the facts. Our integrity is intact. Can you say the same thing? I go to sleep each night with a clear conscience and my integrity has a clean slate. Can you do that?

I do not mean any disrespect from my statements. However I would like to have all of the facts laid on the table. I urge all of East Carbon's residents to educate themselves. Please don't just believe the misguided words of others. Go and get the facts, find out the truth.

You can look online at the Utah DEQ's website, call the local state DEQ representative or even come and take a tour of the facility and get all of your questions answered. In the end we may not agree but at least you will be making a well-informed educated decision.

Amanda McFarland

East Carbon

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