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Liljenquist campaigns against Hatch

Dan Liljenquist

Sun Advocate publisher
Sun Advocate associate editor

Dan Liljenquist, who is running against Orrin Hatch for the Republican nomination in the U.S. Senate race, quipped that he's not sure exactly when a cucumber becomes a pickle, but he's sure that Hatch has been soaking in the brine of Washington, D.C. too long.

In an interview at the Sun Advocate office last week, the former state senator from Bountiful stated that he's running for national office because his philosophy of what a U.S. senator should be differs from Hatch's. He said a senator's job in Washington should be to "protect the sovereignty of the state against intrusion from the federal level. He accused Hatch - who has been in office for almost 36 years - of trying to be a "national senator," trying to govern states from Washington.

Liljenquist said he's in favor of a 12-year term limit for senators. He added that he's remodeling his home and intends to commute back-and-forth from D.C., if elected.

He cited his own experience as a Utah legislator as a qualification for national office. Liljenquist said states should be allowed to solve Medicaid funding issues.

The program now takes up between 18 and 19 percent of the Utah budget and could reach 36 percent without control. He favors capping Medicaid expenditures at some fixed percent of the budget.

On the subject of the Gooseberry dam and reservoir, he said he is not yet fully briefed on the matter, but thinks that there must be some way that Carbon and Sanpete counties can reach some sort of agreement.

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