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Rumors go viral as Wellington assault escalates over social media

Sun Advocate publisher

An alleged rape that took place in Wellington Friday morning sparked panic among many people in the county as social media and word of mouth turned the single incident into a crime spree.

"We are investigating the rape and have collected evidence that we have sent to the crime lab," said Wellington Police Chief Lee Barry on Saturday night. "I haven't heard anything else about other incidents anywhere else in the county."

After the rape was reported on some web sites and by word of mouth to social media users, the incident grew from a single crime, in which the perpetrator allegedly wore a clown mask during the rape, to a serial rapist in a clown suit who had committed rapes all over the county over the weekend and finally to a child killer who was luring children to him by using the guise.

Police have been hesitant to release much information because the crime is still being investigated, but reports say that the alleged perpetrator is between five foot six and five foot 10 and young, between the ages of 18 and 26.

The rumors across the county caused distress to many people, with posts on sites like Facebook making the crime spree appear bigger and bigger with each passing hour.

When contacted on Saturday night, Carbon County Sheriff James Cordova said that he had not heard anything about any other incidents in the county.

As of Monday no one had been arrested, but some potential suspects had been questioned.

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