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Planning and zoning board is key adviser to county commission

(Editors note: This is the second in a series of articles discussing the various boards that are used in county government to either manage operations or to recommend to the county commission actions it should take).

Probably the most well known of the boards in Carbon County government is the planning and zoning board.

This board meets once a month (first Tuesday of the month) on a regular basis. Their job is primarily to make recommendations based on the development code that has been set up by the county concerning specific planning and zoning requests by citizens or businesses.

They also deal with issues related to roads, trails, land use and even a few dealing with water. They are the group that certain kinds of industries must approach for conditional use permits.

As a group they make no final decisions on zoning and conditional use issues, but instead issue recommendations to the county commission which must make those final decisions, based on the planning commissions expert recommendation.

While planning and zoning commission meetings are open to the public to attend, they do not hold formal public hearings. That is done at the county commission level when an issue reaches that point in the approval process.

Members of the board include Richard Tatton, Lynna Topolovic, Lynna Gray, Tom Paluso, R.D. Campbell and Don Torgerson. One of the county commissioners also sits on the planning commission. That is currently Mike Milovich.

The board also meets with an attorney that advises the board and that is Christian Bryner.

Anyone who sits on this board must be a resident of the county, an owner of real property in the county and at least four of the members cannot hold any other public office or position.

Members of this board (with the exception of the county commissioner and assistant county attorney) get no compensation for performing their duties. Terms are for four years.

The department has a staff that includes Dave Levanger (Director of Zoning), Kathy Chatterton (Building Inspector) and Frankie Hathaway (Deputy Zoning Administrator).

Their offices are located at 65 South, 100 East in Price.

Information on ordiances, permits and inspections can be found at

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