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Scout looks for information

Vincent Annella, a Boy Scout from Price is looking for information from residents that concerns his Eagle Scout project.

Annella has been granted permission to erect a monument to the first cabin that was built in Price, which was located about where Fairview Supply now stands. The city has donated a slab of sandstone for part of the project and it will be located at the new river trail trailhead on Carbon Avenue.

Annella, however needs some more information about the cabin and a subsequent previous monument put in about the cabin in the 1930s by a boy scout troop.

First he needs to know when Carbon Avenue was extended across the river in the configuration as it presently exists. At one time the street ended near a swamp that led to the Price River. At the end of the street was the monument that the scouts put up during the depression. Knowing that year would help him to find out what year the previous monument was taken out.

Second, he would like to know what year that first cabin was torn down.

If you have information on the monument, the road or the cabin please call him at 435 637-6761.

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