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Wildlife Resources promotes walk-in access program

The Division of Wildlife Resources is moving forward with its "Walk-in Access Program" in southeastern Utah. The program rewards landowners for providing hunting or fishing access to their private property.

Under the "Walk-in Access Program" landowners can earn hundreds or even several thousand dollars a year for allowing public access on their property for hunting and fishing.

Landowners who enroll in the program lease a tract of private land for public recreation, which may include hunting, fishing or trapping. The amount of compensation to the landowner depends on the value of the property for public recreation, the size of the tract and the length of the lease agreement.

"In southeastern Utah, we have enrolled 3,538 acres of upland, 5.5 miles of stream bank, and one 11 acre fishing pond," says Leroy Mead, program coordinator. "Enrolled properties are on Mud Creek, Lower Fish Creek, the Price River, Green River, and Cottonwood Creek. These properties have been leased for fishing, and hunting of deer, turkey, waterfowl and pheasants."

"In 2011, the DWR in southeastern Utah has spent about $14,000 for fishing and hunting access, and we are looking for more landowners to enroll in the program," states Mead. "To qualify, a landowner must own at least 40 contiguous acres of wetland, 80 contiguous acres of upland habitat, 0.25 miles of stream bank, or own a pond at least 5 acres in size." Landowners interested in the program should contact Leroy Mead at the DWR office in Price at: 435-613-3718.

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