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Letters to the editor

Amazing people


Spring Glen Community Center/School of Screams wants to say thank you to all of our amazing volunteers who helped support the community by donating their time, talents, creativity and energy to seeing that the School of Screams was a success.

From volunteers who collected money, to those who would spend each night for three hours and some up to five hours in costume, hot masks, and sticky make-up while acting out a character, we found you to be amazing. Each night you made the Haunted House come alive!

Through the hard work, laughter and growing pains we did it and it was successful. We believe this is what community is all about.

Lastly, to the hundreds of people who came and let us entertain and scare you, we also say thank you. We will see you again next year.

The Spring Glen, Community Center Board

From our state to theirs


The fouth grade at Aviston Elementary, which is located in southern Illinois, is learning about the United States and the different environments, climates, resources or any other information about our great country from each of the 50 states.

We hope that people who read this letter will be interested in mailing our class items pertaining to their state.

Please send those items to Fourth Grade, Aviston Elementary, 350 South Hull Street, Aviston, Ill., 62216.

Aviston Elementary Fourth Grade. Aviston, Illinois

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