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Helper City drafting new policy on recreation use

Sun Advocate associate editor

Having (1) a need for more youth recreation activities, (2) a new gym floor in the Civic Auditorium, and (3) no policy governing regular public use of the building, the Helper City Council has decided to work on item (3).

Council members want to have a set of rules for regular recreational use of the auditorium and the Rio Theatre by the start of the new year.

The basketball court on the second floor of the Civic Aud has been used by some youth leagues, but the times of play, fees to be charged and cleanup responsibility are as yet not governed by any policy.

Also, as city attorney Gene Strate advised, the city had better consider liability issues if anybody gets hurt on city property. Various Utah appellate court rulings have found that parental waivers on liability are not ironclad defenses in personal injury cases.

It may be possible to permit league play if the league itself has its own insurance policy, or it may also be possible to the city come under the Carbon Recreation Department insurance for the events it chooses to sponsor.

Fees are another consideration. As of Thursday, the concept for regular use of the auditorium was set at $20 per month per team, with a $100 refundable key deposit.

Rent at the Rio would require the same key deposit and $20 per week for recreational use.

The key deposit is required to assure that users don't damage city property. Helper will also require users to clean up after they are done.

The policy will also have a set schedule for activities. That is to prevent noisy basketball games from disrupting the quiet reading and studying going on in the library below the court.

It will also be part of the policy that recreational use will have to take a back seat to wedding receptions and other events that periodically utilize the building.

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