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Fire destroys garage, cars

A small pocket of ashes still smolders Monday morning in the aftermath of the fire.

Sun Advocate associate editor

Ash and scorched metal were all that were left of a garage, equipment and two cars after a fire erupted at Melody Estates mobile home park in Price Sunday night. There were no injuries.

Fire fighters from Price and Helper surrounded the blaze shortly after it started around 8 p.m., but the fire had burned too hot and too fast to save the structure and the vehicles.

At least two other vehicles nearby were damaged, along with ATVs, according to Price Fire Chief Paul Bedont.

The chief said the exact cause of the fire is still under investigation, but preliminary findings are that it started in the garage and spread rapidly.

Bedont said the owner of the home nearby, Matthew Savage, explained that he had been working a vehicle and it started smoking.

Fire fighting was hampered by several events Bedont described as "Murphy's Law." First there were periodic blasts from the garage as stored propane bottles "blevvied" - boiling liquid vapor explosions. An acetylene tank had vented as it was designed to do, so there was no explosion from it.

Also, the privately owned fire hydrant at the park malfunctioned. Price firefighters called on Helper's 3,000 gallon pump truck. That provided more than enough water to douse the blaze.

Firefighters succeeded in protecting the home.

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