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Mont Harmon back in business after pipe break closes school

Workers survey the damaged valve and pipe in the mud pit on the east side of Mont Harmon Junior High Thursday afternoon.

Sun Advocate associate editor

A fractured water main at Mont Harmon Junior High School early Thursday created an unscheduled holiday for students and a weekend of repair work to restore service.

The line was a ten inch diameter pipe. Deon Kone, Carbon School District maitnenance manager, said no one is sure just how long the pipe had been leaking before the final break. He said the problem was probably created by a faulty valve that caused flooding in the concrete casement.

That flooding eventually eroded the supporing concrete and earth, leading to the rupture.

Kone said Thursday was spent excavating the area before repairs could begin. It took a hyrdraulic pump truck to remove the soupy mud.

Repairs were mostly completed Friday. However, it took until Sunday for the new concete supports to cure before the hole could be covered.

It did not take long Thursday for Facebook postings to appear from idled students. "One of the best days of my life," noted one.

That won't last. Emergency days must be made up later.

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