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Public Notice For Permit Renewal Centennial Project

Andalex Resources, Inc., PO Box 910, East Carbon City, Utah, a
subsidiary of UtahAmerican Energy Inc., has filed with the Utah
Division of Oil, Gas and Mining an application for renewal of the
existing Mining and Reclamation Permit C/007/019 for the Centennial
Project (a.k.a., the Tower Mine) located at 10 Miles NE Airport Road,
Price, Utah.  The permit area is located in Carbon County, Utah.

	The existing permit area contains 6516.91 acres and is described as

	T.12S., R.10E.	Sec. 36:	All (less 1.64 acres associated 
				with Oso pipeline)

	T.12S., R.11E.	Sec. 29:	SW1/4SW1/4,   SW1/4SE1/4
				Sec. 30:	Lots 4, 12, 14, 15 and 16
				Sec. 31:	ALL (less 7.86 acres associated 
					with Oso pipeline)
				Sec. 32:	NW1/4,     W1/2NE1/4,    
					W1/2SW1/4,     NE1/4SW1/4

	T.13S., R.10E.	Sec. 1:	All (less 2.42 acres associated 
					with Oso pipeline)
				Sec. 12:	All			
				Sec. 13:	Lot 1 (portion of BLM ROW 

	T.13S., R.11E.	Sec. 4:	Lots 5-8
				Sec. 5:	All
				Sec. 6:	All
				Sec. 7:	All
				Sec. 8:	All
				Sec. 9:	N1/2,    W1/2SW1/4,    
					N1/2SE1/4,   NE1/4SW1/4
				Sec. 17:	N1/2,    N1/2NE1/4SW1/4,    
					NE1/4SE1/4, N1/2NW1/4SE1/4,   
			 	Sec. 18:	N1/2N1/2, SW1/4NE1/4,   
					NW1/ 4SE1/4NE1/4,   
					E1/2NE1/4SE1/4 and a 1.45 
					acre portion of Lot 2 and 
					NE1/4SW1/4, and a 1.5 acre 
					portion of 

	A copy of this application is available for inspection at the
Division of Oil, Gas and Mining at 1594 West North Temple, Suite 1210,
Salt Lake City, Utah, and also at the Carbon County Courthouse, 120
East Main St., Price, Utah.  Comments, objections, or requests for
informal conference on the application should be submitted within 30
days to: Utah Coal Program, Division of Oil, Gas and Mining, 1594 West
North Temple, Suite 1210, P.O. Box 145801, Salt Lake City, Utah
Published in the Sun Advocate October 20, 27, November 3 and 10, 2011.

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