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Close city elections come to a end in Carbon County

Sun Advocate reporter

Incumbents and new faces alike did well Tuesday night as county officials reported extremely close un-official election results just after 9:45 p.m.

With three seats open in East Carbon, Barbara Robinett, Dave Maggio and David Avery came out on top, as incumbent Avery retained his seat by a mere three votes over challenger Lynn Archuleta. Earlier this year, Archuleta participated in another very close race, eventually drawing straws with East Carbon primary candidate Jan Hunt to get into the general election after provisional and absentee ballots found them to be tied. East Carbon's results were reported as follows: Lynn N. Archuleta - 101 David F. Avery - 104 Barbara M. Fisher " 82 Dave Maggio - 140 Rakele Palmer - 76 Barbara Robinett - 165

In Helper, incumbents Robert Bradley and Kirk Mascaro retained their positions with Jason Llewelyn winning the city's third open council seat. The county reported Helper's results as follows: Robert Bradley " 184 Jason T. Llewelyn " 179 Kirk E. Mascaro " 186 Donald L. Mortensen - 171

Wellington city saw Glen Wells and Marvon Wilson keep their council spots while Andrew Peter Yakovic was voted into a council position for the first time. The election was pre-determined as two of the candidates, Chet and Chester Housekeeper, were disqualified prior to the election for failing to submit their financial information on time. Wellington's election results were reported as: Chester Housekeeper " 7 Chet Housekeeper " 5 Glen Wells " 85 Marvon Wilson " 81 Andrew Peter Yakovic - 76

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