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Letters to the editor

Everyone should vote


I am on the Board of Directors of the Disability Law Center, a non-profit agency that works to protect the legal rights of people with disabilities. I believe it is very important that everyone votes in an election. I would like to share some of the lessons I have learned about casting my vote.

Before I vote I research who is running for office and any other issue on the ballot. I also make sure I know where I need to go to vote so I do not go to the wrong location. Some of my friends, who use wheelchairs or walking aids, sometimes make sure their polling location is accessible for assistive aids prior to Election Day.

My sister usually takes me to my polling place on Election Day. I sign in and cast an independent vote. I do not pay attention to how others are voting and they do not pay attention to how I vote.

Some people I know can vote privately and independently on the new voting machines but some cannot. Therefore it is important for poll workers to be trained about voters with disabilities.

It is my hope that all voters are granted the right and respect to vote as privately and independently as possible.

Kelly Holtm, Price

Contact representatives


Congressman Jim Matheson needs our help. He has been fighting for Carbon and Emery counties for a long time. He has Senator Orrin Hatch helping him now.

Rep. Matheson is very aware of our unusual amount of cancer in our area, but he desperately needs our help. He is fighting right now to raise the compensation to $150,000 instead of just $50,000 as he realizes the heavy cost of cancer.

What I am asking each of you to do is write down every person you know that has developed cancer, either dead or living, even if they died somewhere else or developed cancer elsewhere, in either county. The high amount of radiation found in our soil, thus in our air, puts radiation in our bodies either way. Ask your friends and family to do the same thing. Not only will this be helpful to cancer victims and their families now, it will help future cancer victims, including your friends and families and you. Another thing it will help is when they present our numbers in Washington and let them know just how harmful having testing or storing, etc. really can be. Rep. Matheson wrote me a personal letter letting me know he can use all of the help possible.

You can write, fax, or email both Matheson and Hatch, but Matheson is the most active in taking it to Washington. You may only have time for one, but why not send it to all your representatives.

Please work hard on this project and it will help so many families. Another thing, the extra compensation would help both counties' economies. Don't wait, contact all your representatives now.

Maryla Adams, Elmo

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