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After watching the NFL playoffs this past weekend, the age old question pops into my mind. Should there be instant replay in football? In my opinion, I think that the set up the league currently has is the best answer to this question. By penalizing teams with a time out if a decision is not overturned after the request for replay has been made is quite sensible. This ensures that coaches do not call for replays unless the play is obviously or quite definite to be ruled incorrectly.

The one thing that seems to baffle my mind however is, how can an official make such a ridiculous call after watching a play time and time again in the replay booth? I'm sure you know where I'm going with this, but let me vent for a moment if you will. The Oakland Raiders and New England Patriots second round playoff game was a prime example of how blind, deaf, and dumb some NFL officials really are, instant replay or not.

By now most sports fans have seen the infamous play in question on a sports highlight real or during the actual game. After reviewing the play, the official changed the ruling on the field. Come on ref, were you watching the same play the rest of the world was?

Raider fan or not, the play was the most obvious example of how blind referees are at times. Please! Some one get this official a seeing eye dog and a white cane!

My biggest complaint about the decision is that the official not only decided to reverse the call, but he also added time to the clock. Now how could anyone who is watching the clock tick actually pay attention to the play that was being reviewed. I bet the ref was also drinking soda and eating popcorn under that little black hooded monitor.

It is calls like this that makes one wonder whether instant replay is actually good. I am still a supporter of instant replay, however I also support the idea to send all officials for routine eye exams and competency tests.

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